Customer Support

Industry leading research and development and technical support at your disposal, whenever you need it

Research and Development

Cutting edge R&D has been crucial to our success, enabling us to develop innovative and dynamic packaging solutions that deliver real value to our customers.

The process is driven by continuous consultation with our customers around the world, with our R&D team working closely with engineers, packaging technologists and business managers to ensure that every solution meets precise technical and commercial requirements.


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Testing and Qualification

  • Our lab has over 20 environmental test chambers for assessing the performance of products ranging from small transit pouches to full size pallet shipper systems.  We replicate shipping lane conditions in your operation so you can be as sure as possible that our test results reflect real life experience

  • Detailed test reports give you total peace of mind that the system you have selected will perform as you expect it to, time after time

  • We qualify all of our standard systems to exacting real life profiles and as part of our new product protocol, we also test all of our systems to ISTA standards.

  • We have a team of experienced and ISTA certified packaging technologists who are at your disposal and can work with you to provide the technical customer support you need


The highest & lowest recorded temperature is 56.7°C in July 1913 at Death Valley, California and −89.2 °C Vostok Station, Antarctica in July 1983

Bespoke Solutions

We love a challenge so if one of our standard systems doesn't quite meet your needs, we can design one that does. Firstly we can search our existing extensive product portfolio to see if we already have what you need but if not, we have decades of experience in our R&D and Technical Support teams in helping our customers design bespoke systems to suit specific applications

  • Design evaluation and analysis
  • Design modelling and prototyping
  • Model testing and development 
  • Portable logging correlation
  • Design review and proposal


We have developed a portfolio of over 15,000 specifications of customer validated packaging, covering the majority of seasonal international shipment scenarios

Technical Services

We are here to support our customers in whatever way you need.  Here are some of the ways we may be able to assist you.

  • Investigation of your particular challenge with recommendations of possible options
  • Guidance on best practice and procedures
  • Development of SOPs
  • On-site Cold Chain and system training for your team
  • Ongoing technical customer support

 Tell us what you need and we'll do our very best to help.