The markets we serve

Leading pharma and biotech companies and associated market industries, trust our packaging solutions to maintain drug product integrity and patient safety during global distribution

Pharmaceuticals & Biopharmaceuticals

Leading pharma and biotech companies trust our packaging solutions to maintain drug product integrity and patient safety during global distribution.  

Our company values focus on helping our customers to promote well-being and healthcare outcomes for people and animals, by maximising drug availability through effective temperature control during transport.

On average a new prescription drug takes €2.3Bn and 14 years development to reach commercial launch

Clinical Research

We understand the importance of each specimen to a study and the cost/time associated with patient recruitment caused by an out of stability or compromised sample.  

As a supplier to leading global CROs, we work with you to mitigate the risk of temperature excursions by designing packaging solutions that meet the logistics challenges of today’s multinational trials.

We develop packaging solutions for 90% of the world’s largest pharma/biotech companies

Healthcare logistics / pharma wholesaler

We understand the important links formed between pharma and logistics partners to maintain a compliant supply chain.

We help you create packaging solutions that mitigate the risk of temperature excursions by understanding shipment routes, modes of transport, 'hand off points' and consideration of unplanned events to ensure that your products remain protected.

Over 80% percent of prescriptions filled in the US are for generic medicines

Bulk Pharma Ingredients & Intermediates

Global shipments of bulk ingredients and intermediates represent a large investment and introduce significant risks for potential temperature excursions and product loss.

Customers in the pharma and speciality chemicals sector and other markets specify our GDP compliant bulk and cargo solutions for transport between production sites and distribution to end users.

One drug out of approximately every 5,000 tested in pre-clinical trials will ever make it to market

Speciality Markets

We have developed a portfolio of tailored solutions for specific markets including:

  • medical devices
  • dental therapeutics
  • cosmetic products
  • animal health
  • gourmet foods
  • industrial chemicals
  • electronic components

The World Health Organization estimates there are 1.5 million medical devices approved around the world