Supply Chain

Multiple global manufacturing facilities, strategic distribution partnerships and experienced teams operating to internationally recognised standards make us an ideal choice of supplier for you

Global manufacturing capabilities

We integrate all aspects of the supply chain manufacturing process from fabrication, assembly, quality control and testing.

No outsourcing - everything is completed in-house at one of our global manufacturing plants to ensure complete control of procedures and processes with flexible scheduling from a local source.

Emerging pharma countries will account for 29% of global spending on pharmaceuticals by 2018, compared to 25% in 2013

Quality control

Customer satisfaction is our most important measure of quality. We strive to give our products high reliability, ease of operation and global support.

We operate certified policies for Health & Safety, Quality and Environment. We continuously improve processes, products and services by systematically reporting problems, implement improvements and follow up the results. We plan and perform audits both internally and at our key suppliers.

Drugs and vaccines against malaria are estimated to have saved 1.14 million African children’s lives, in the last 5 years

Industry expertise

By working with so many successful customers, our company has acquired supply chain knowledge and expertise in many areas.

We put that knowledge into our product design, manufacturing and technical support to provide valuable business knowledge as an overall service, alongside our comprehensive range of products.

For every $1 spent on childhood vaccination in the USA, $10.20 is saved in disease treatment costs


Over the years, we have assembled incredibly experienced, innovative and knowledgeable teams across our business.

These individuals give Laminar Medica a technical and competitive edge and are available to assist you in whatever ways you need.

We have a team of experienced and ISTA certified packaging technologists who are at your disposal


We utilise our knowledge and experience to drive research & development, innovation and design.

Our commitment to continual development, improvement and consistently high quality provide our customers with the reassurance and satisfaction they need to form long term supply relationships.

Established in 1975, we are pioneers in the design and manufacture of temperature controlled packaging for the global healthcare industry


We built our business on our products and relationships. We believe credibility, honesty and great products are the only way to do business.

Our focus is to provide a value added product that works every time so you can focus on growing your business.